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Sacred Sloth
Julie O'Hara
Astrologer/Author/Spiritual Reader
Specializing in providing mindful, ethical, ego-conscious couples' and personal readings applying the Teachings of the Trinity of Truth
Natal, Twin Flame, Synastric, Composite Charts and Pendulum and Oracle Card Readings

Who Am I?

Who am I?  My name is Julie O’Hara, and I have been studying astrology, especially couple’s astrology since the late 1970’s, i.e., synastry and composite charts.  I am well versed in natal astrology also.  However, I got disillusioned, and I put my spirituality aside in the mid 1990’s until about 2020.  I really can’t tell you why, except that I felt the need to try and live and succeed in what we call the Third Dimension.  I fell into the trap of thinking a good job, a big house, nice things, good food, hot sex, and a handsome man were the keys to happiness.  That was a road/path I jumped on and was clearly part of my journey.  I learned many lessons (some painful, some joyful). 

In November 2021, I had an awakening when I became aware of my twin flame, Jonah.  He came crashing back into my life at this point.  I had met him in 1987, had a short very intensive relationship with him, and then much to my own shame, I “ghosted” him.  It had a lot to do with self-image and self-loathing.  Even though I now know I hurt him deeply, I did it. (as he said to me after we reconnected,, “you really fucked up my life for a long time, Julie”) I regretted walking/running away from this true love always.  About that same time, I gave up my spiritual journey and started focusing on living what society said was the “right” way.  Apparently, Jonah looked for me during that time (I am good at hiding), I developed some bad habits and addictions, but he finally found me in November 2020.  Unfortunately, he was quite ill and was not young enough to fight his most recent bout with cancer.  He was 70 years old and passed away two months later in January 2021.  And crazy as it sounds, he has not left my side since then, taking on the role of Divine Counterpart (Divine Masculine) and becoming one of my spiritual guides.  My other two main guides are St. Paul and St. Anthony.  My life has completely turned around in the past two years.   I am no longer the person I was five years ago, nor do I want to be.  I can’t even comprehend who I used to be. 


As I said, I had studied astrology (and music) very intently from about 1975 to 1993.  In the late 80’s and 90’s, I did astrological and tarot readings, but became disillusioned with the industrial aspect of “mediums” and other practitioners.  We all can access these realms.  It is nothing special.  There is a lot of misguided ego-driven information out there.  I strive hard to adhere to the principles of the Trinity of Truth, providing truthful, compassionate, loving and mindful readings. 


Over the past few years, I have felt the calling to come back to it and start offering charts and readings.  I have been for lack of a better word given “downloads” of information which I has manifested in poetry and articles.  I have a number of poetry books completed (which are available for purchase) as well as some journals that can be used as tools on your journey.  I am also working on several books regarding some of the information I have been given including a book on the Dark Night of the Soul, Lilith (the true story), Essays on Twin Flames, The Trinity of Truth, and the 18 Waves of Ascension.

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